Gaming Suite

Gaming Suite

Hours for Gaming Suite

Friday - Open Gaming 6 p.m. to 3 a.m.
Saturday - Open Gaming 9 a.m. to 3 a.m.
Sunday - Open Gaming 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

In addition to open gaming, tournaments and demos in the area just outside of the dealer's room, you can also enjoy relaxing and gaming with others in the Philcon Gaming Suite. Assorted board and card game bank available. Play our games or bring your own favorites and find someone to play along. Hang out, have a snack, play and chat with other gamers. Learn a game, teach a game, share a game.


Information to come.

Velociraptor Cannibalism Demos

Game Design Team Member Andy Wilson

Ingress Introduction and Recruitment - Ongoing All Weekend

The world around you is not what it seems. Ingress. The game. It's happening all around you. They aren't coming. They're already here. An international Google game for the Android Phone. See Ginny Swann or Gaming Suite Staff for information.

Ravaged Earth RPG

Saturday 8 p.m. to Midnight

Ravaged Earth: A Savage World of High-Powered Pulp is a setting for the Savage Worlds gaming system. Set in an alternate 1936 where gadgeteers craft fantastic inventions, magicians sling spells and superheroes attempt astounding physical feats, Ravaged Earth pits pulp heroes against the forces of darkness. Martians have invaded, their deadly tripods causing wanton destruction. Can your heroes halt the alien menace? Will you hurtle towards a thrilling battle or a heart-pounding adventure with your stalwart brethren? Published by Reality Blurs, Ravaged Earth: Second Revised Edition is currently available.
Number of players: 5
GM Eric Avedissian

Dread RPG

Saturday 8 p.m. to Midnight

Dread is a survival horror roleplaying game. It is intended for single session play. Getting to the end of play promises to be a tense, exciting ride. Dread uses Jenga as its resolution mechanic. Character creation questionnaires are filled out by players. Many of the questions will be deliberately leading, and the answers the players come up with describe the characters' skills, ties to the situation, and personality and background hooks. Characters do not need numbers or special powers thanks to the genre and the resolution mechanic. NOTE: Adult content.
Number of players: 6
GM John Swann

Midnight Cards Against Humanity (18+) Friday and Saturday

Moderator Ginny Swann